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Post Credit Episode 2

Post Credit Episode 2

This week Dom wanted to try something new, well actually he wanted to try our accidental podcast antics on purpose. No movie this week and we talk about our lives, well Dom and Kenny do. We find out what Dom likes to pretend to cast spells with and the 5 life goals of Kenny. Marcus Read more about Post Credit Episode 2[…]

More of us bitching, putting each other down and we also talk about the movie!

The Hosts

Seriously, this is them.... I know dude...


Action Movie Lover
He smiles delightfully at the mere mention of Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, Seagal or Stallone, and then proceed to talk your ear off about every movie they have ever starred in and why they are the greatest actors of all time!


Shit Talker
Do you like something? Well, he doesn’t like it. Did he like something and you agreed? Well, now he doesn’t like it anymore and will tell you why you’re wrong.


Wikipedia Lover (Episodes 3, 23, 26, 34 – present)
A champion of focusing on the wrong moment in movies while providing crazy theories about the world around him.


Professional Laugher (Episodes 1-22)
The moderator of the other two jackasses who may or may not be too high at any given moment.


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