Episode 68 – Barb Wire

You should be able to tell that Kenny picked the movie this week based on who is the “star.” We watched Barb Wire with Pamela Anderson appearing in it, I feel like her tits are really the star since they are front and center. There was so much of her boobs in this movie Marcus actually said that he got bored with tits. Kenny didn’t even realize that there was a plot to this thing the writing was so lazy, and it’s Kenny. We discuss better women badasses, who would be a better star in this movie and why Kenny disagrees that Pam should have been replaced. We also randomly talk about who we jerked off to since Pam was in Playboy. Marcus has a life changing epiphany and realizes how Kenny can improve his life. We talk about our lives and eventually about the movie so sit back and enjoy! Or don’t, you can hate listen to this too.

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