Episode 70 – Die Hard With A Vengeance

This week we all watched Die Hard With A Vengeance with our special guest Thomas! He may not be back though since Kenny is too intimidated by him and forgets how to form words and simple thoughts. Also his notes are perplexing and he shares his explainable love of Dave Thomas. Marcus has a few Read more about Episode 70 – Die Hard With A Vengeance[…]

Episode 69 – Judge Dredd

Dom didn’t plan well this week so we ended up watching Judge Dredd instead of Invasion USA. What another piece of shit Stallone movie even though Kenny thought it was good which that should tell you how bad it is. Kenny enjoy’s Stallone’s man butt and we also find out if he believes in the Read more about Episode 69 – Judge Dredd[…]

Episode 68 – Barb Wire

You should be able to tell that Kenny picked the movie this week based on who is the “star.” We watched Barb Wire with Pamela Anderson appearing in it, I feel like her tits are really the star since they are front and center. There was so much of her boobs in this movie Marcus Read more about Episode 68 – Barb Wire[…]

Episode 66 – Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

This week Dom decided to torture everyone by picking an atrocity of a movie and for once we are not talking about Schindler’s List. This week is the Steven Seagal “classic,” Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. Kenny doesn’t understand the movie and not just parts of it, almost all of it. He also discusses how Read more about Episode 66 – Under Siege 2: Dark Territory[…]

Episode 65 – Boondock Saints

We got distracted this week while talking about Marcus’ movie pick, The Boondock Saints. We eventually start talking about the movie and how Kenny doesn’t understand a good friendship relationship which we find out from his notes. Marcus and Dom interrogate Kenny about touching a passed out woman’s boob, his high school education and why Read more about Episode 65 – Boondock Saints[…]

Episode 64 – Stone Cold

This week was an episode of Freudian slips for Kenny. We tried to delve into the dark places of Kenny’s mind and attempted to help. He wouldn’t let us in though, maybe one day. We learn what happens when Kenny doesn’t smoke weed and his odd hair style choice as a child. Oh yeah, we Read more about Episode 64 – Stone Cold[…]

A Special Dom Tinder Talk Episode

This week is a special episode featuring Tinder and Dom. This happened mainly because Dom is trying his hand at the world of app dating and Marcus selfishly went out of town so a new movie couldn’t be watched. Dom tells us what he is looking for and definitely what he wants to avoid. Kenny Read more about A Special Dom Tinder Talk Episode[…]

Episode 62 – Hard Boiled

This episode was a gun battle bonanza as we watched the guntastic classic, Hard Boiled. We found out Kenny Loves high waist pants for some reason, invents a new word “Under-cop” and of course he can’t understand why innocent people had to die. This was the most death ridden movie we have watched to date, Read more about Episode 62 – Hard Boiled[…]

Episode 61 – Sudden Death

This week Dom picked Sudden Death starring Jean Claude Van Damme. JCVD’s character kills a kid in this movie and we discuss a JCVD curse that Marcus figures out. Kenny confuses mascots with Furries and we also dive into his dad issues a little bit. We need to stop watching movies with kids! We also Read more about Episode 61 – Sudden Death[…]

Episode 60 – The Last Boyscout

Marcus picked a decent action movie this week instead of his usual garbage. We watched The Last Boy Scout starring Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans. There weren’t many issues with the movie, although we do find out who was supposed to star in it and what Shane Black actually envisioned. Kenny tries to explain a Read more about Episode 60 – The Last Boyscout[…]