Episode 54 – The Rock

Dom chose The Rock for this week’s episode starring Sean Connery and that other dude who stole cars with Angelina Jolie. Speaking of which, Kenny has an insane theory how Gone in 60 Seconds and The Rock universes connect. He also thinks the earth is only one million years old so let that sink in Read more about Episode 54 – The Rock[…]

Episode 52 – Beverly Hills Cop

Dom chose the action/comedy movie Beverly Hills Cop for the one year anniversary episode! We were all shocked how little action there was in this movie and Kenny described the wrong movie of course. Kenny learned a new word and was just waiting to use it! Also he was stuck on something the movie clearly Read more about Episode 52 – Beverly Hills Cop[…]

Episode 37 – Action Jackson

Marcus blindly picked a movie, yet again, based on the lead actor and we realize why Carl Weathers never became an action star. At least they depicted the Detroit police station accurately in this action classic, Action Jackson! Also, Kenny has a problem with beans…

Episode 18 – Robocop

On episode 18 we reviewed the 1987 action/sci-fi turd of a film, Robocop. Dom was totally against this movie from the get go and just bashes it to no end while Mo & Marcus sing its praise.