Episode 57 – Executive Decision

Well, we had to teach Kenny what a wet dream is and also found out who would actually pay for a hooker. Oh yeah, we also watched a movie this week picked by Marcus. It was Executive Decision starring Kurt Russell and others. He picked it because (spoiler) Steven Seagal died in it. Dom was Read more about Episode 57 – Executive Decision[…]

Episode 49 – Escape From LA

Dom picked this week’s movie starring Kurt Russell in Escape From L.A., a sequel no one asked for in Marcus’s opinion. It suffered from Die Hard 2 syndrome will Kenny suffered from a lack of attention due to a minimum amount of women in the movie. He also tries to impress Marcus by reading the Read more about Episode 49 – Escape From LA[…]

Episode 13 – Tango & Cash

It finally happen!! We watched one of the best buddy cop movies of all time, Tango & Cash!! This episode is kind of special for the fact that Marcus actually liked the movie. Well he still ripped it apart in good old Marcus fashion.

Episode 8 – Escape From New York

On this episode Mo returns to the show!! Dom picks one of the greatest movies ever and Marcus and Mo tear it to pieces. The 1981 movie, Escape From New York starring Kurt Mother Fuckin Russell.