Episode 43 – Goldeneye

This episode Marcus chose the first of the Pierce Brosnan Bond movies, Goldeneye! Dom laments this version of Bond and goes off on British people even though he loves the character. Kenny gets lost five minutes into the movie and will always equate Pierce with a lime throwing incident. Marcus liked the action, but the Read more about Episode 43 – Goldeneye[…]

Episode 35 – Road House

Somehow we started discussing pyramids with Kenny on this episode after watching Dom’s pick Road House. We also delve into Dom’s fascination with Sam Elliot and try to figure out who actually pays for all the broken furniture in bar fights.

Episode 7 – Missing In Action

On this episode Mo ditches Dom & Marcus because she hates them and wants nothing do with them. Marcus also picks one of the worst movies ever for us to watch and review. The 1984 shit filled movie, Missing In Action starring Chuch Norris.