Episode 42 – Lethal Weapon 2

This week we tackled Dom’s pick which was Lethal Weapon 2 starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover! Kenny got stuck on how nice Murtaugh’s family was and gets upset about it being too perfect. Dom calls out Kenny on why he was late for this episode and we also talked about the movie. Marcus tells Read more about Episode 42 – Lethal Weapon 2[…]

Episode 22 – Lethal Weapon

On this episode we review Dom’s pick, Lethal Weapon, starring Mel Gibson & Danny Glover. Dom loves this movie (of course he does) while Marcus & Mo try to pick it apart.

Episode 15 – The Long Kiss Goodnight

We hit 15 episodes!!!! On this episode we watched The Long Kiss Goodnight starring Geena Davis and Sam Jackson. This was the first movie we watched with a strong female lead character. Tons of action in this one so it made it a great choice for the show!