Episode 74 – Above The Law

This week we learn too much about Dom and his actions with a particular fruit. He also screwed up the movie we were supposed to watch because most Steven Seagal movies are fairly similar. We ended up watching Above The Law and Marcus was bummed there weren’t going to be any Eskimos in this movie Read more about Episode 74 – Above The Law[…]

Episode 57 – Executive Decision

Well, we had to teach Kenny what a wet dream is and also found out who would actually pay for a hooker. Oh yeah, we also watched a movie this week picked by Marcus. It was Executive Decision starring Kurt Russell and others. He picked it because (spoiler) Steven Seagal died in it. Dom was Read more about Episode 57 – Executive Decision[…]

Episode 56 – Out For Justice

Of Course Dom picked a Steven Seagal movie this week for the podcast. Out For Justice stars Seagal as, you guessed it, a cop! Well, it was harder for Kenny to guess. He also couldn’t get over one death in the movie which I believe calls for therapy sessions. Dom is inconsequential in this description Read more about Episode 56 – Out For Justice[…]

Episode 38 – Hard To Kill

This episode Dom tortured Marcus with another Steven Seagal movie called Hard To Kill. Yet another classic in Dom’s eyes. Kenny and Marcus also chose a winner for the best action star between JCVD and Steven Seagal.

Episode 6 – Marked For Death

On this episode we chat about the 1990 action flick Marked For Death starring the one and only Steven Seagal. This was one of Dom’s favorite movies growing up as a kid and Mo, Marcus & special guest Thomas Cowley tear it apart and force Dom to rethink his whole childhood.