Episode 69 – Judge Dredd

Dom didn’t plan well this week so we ended up watching Judge Dredd instead of Invasion USA. What another piece of shit Stallone movie even though Kenny thought it was good which that should tell you how bad it is. Kenny enjoy’s Stallone’s man butt and we also find out if he believes in the Read more about Episode 69 – Judge Dredd[…]

Episode 45 – Rambo: First Blood

This week Marcus chose a true action movie, Rambo: First Blood starring Sylvester Stallone and some other people. Dom was all about it of course and Marcus was kind of surprised by this film. Kenny is going to school to become a mine expert after watching this movie. We also learn exactly what needs to Read more about Episode 45 – Rambo: First Blood[…]

Episode 13 – Tango & Cash

It finally happen!! We watched one of the best buddy cop movies of all time, Tango & Cash!! This episode is kind of special for the fact that Marcus actually liked the movie. Well he still ripped it apart in good old Marcus fashion.

Episode 9 – Demolition Man

On this episode Marcus picks one of the best movies we have reviewed so far on the podcast, Demolition Man. The 1993 movie stars action superstar Sylvester Stallone & Wesley Snipes!

Episode 3 – Cobra

On episode 3 we discuss the 1986 action masterpiece ‘Cobra’ starring the one & only Sylvester Stallone. This episode also features our very first guest, our friend Kenny Johnson.