Episode 64 – Stone Cold

This week was an episode of Freudian slips for Kenny. We tried to delve into the dark places of Kenny’s mind and attempted to help. He wouldn’t let us in though, maybe one day. We learn what happens when Kenny doesn’t smoke weed and his odd hair style choice as a child. Oh yeah, we Read more about Episode 64 – Stone Cold[…]

Episode 59 – Next Of Kin

This episode was us falling asleep as we watched Dom’s pick Next Of Kin starring Patrick Swayze, Liam Neeson and others. It was a long way to wait for the action payoff, but it was kind of worth it. Maybe. The hill people and their actions definitely brought up a discussion on backwoods people and Read more about Episode 59 – Next Of Kin[…]

Episode 57 – Executive Decision

Well, we had to teach Kenny what a wet dream is and also found out who would actually pay for a hooker. Oh yeah, we also watched a movie this week picked by Marcus. It was Executive Decision starring Kurt Russell and others. He picked it because (spoiler) Steven Seagal died in it. Dom was Read more about Episode 57 – Executive Decision[…]

Episode 56 – Out For Justice

Of Course Dom picked a Steven Seagal movie this week for the podcast. Out For Justice stars Seagal as, you guessed it, a cop! Well, it was harder for Kenny to guess. He also couldn’t get over one death in the movie which I believe calls for therapy sessions. Dom is inconsequential in this description Read more about Episode 56 – Out For Justice[…]

Episode 44 – The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane

Wow… We watched Dom’s pick this week starring Andrew “Dice” Clay in a movie clearly written for him called, The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane. Our guest, Thomas Cowley, joined us this week as Marcus and him attempted to break Dom’s spirit for making them watch this movie. Kenny somehow confused himself on whether or not Read more about Episode 44 – The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane[…]

Episode 23 – Blade

We are back to our normal episodes again this week! Mo unfortunately was not able to make the podcast this week so Dom regrettably chose Kenny to fill in for her. You remember Kenny from Episode three – Cobra… or you probably don’t. Anyway, it was Marcus’s pick today and he chose Blade starring Wesley Read more about Episode 23 – Blade[…]

Episode 15 – The Long Kiss Goodnight

We hit 15 episodes!!!! On this episode we watched The Long Kiss Goodnight starring Geena Davis and Sam Jackson. This was the first movie we watched with a strong female lead character. Tons of action in this one so it made it a great choice for the show!

Episode 14 – Bloodsport

On episode 14 we watch the movie that kicked off Van Damme’s career… Bloodsport! One thing we learned from watching this is that this movie does not hold up at all. NOT AT ALL!!!

Episode 13 – Tango & Cash

It finally happen!! We watched one of the best buddy cop movies of all time, Tango & Cash!! This episode is kind of special for the fact that Marcus actually liked the movie. Well he still ripped it apart in good old Marcus fashion.